Dongle for Genze (PAS limit ~18 mph)?


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My wife has a new 2019 e102. I weigh 148 lbs.

When I ride at any PAS level other than zero/throttle, my top speed on the flat starts to drag around 18 mph due to it being a 46 lbs bicycle. I easily ride a regular road bike around 20-23 mph on flat pavement, so the eBike is just a penalty at that point. This same speed limit seems fine on throttle assist (PAS 0 only) because that assist cuts out at 20 mph not 18 mph, and is a torque-sensing PAS only. (Insufficient pedal pressure at 18 mph = heavy bike with no motor boost..)

I set the tire size down to ~1020 on the display settings, which gives a half speed reading, but as no effect on the end of motor assist at 18mph.

Is there a dongle or unlocker like the Bikespeed RS or Peartune for this ‘Dapu’ 350W hub engine and display? Is there an advanced setting to remove the 20mph PAS limit?

PS. It’s indeed a nice bike in PAS zero throttle mode, no issues and good design and weight and price with Costco support.



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I found out Dapu is a respected Japanese maker supplying Pedago and BH as well. Good news. The e100 series in 2019 has a 350w motor that measures up to that rating in 3rd party testing, called 400w in some countries by regulations.