Dropper Seat Post Helps with Leg Disability


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I'm new to EBR forums, and noticed this forum so I thought I'd pass along the one modification that has made all the difference for my ebiking experience. I've had ebikes for more than a dozen years, but I never felt particularly safe when starting or stopping because my right leg cannot reliably support me and my bike. I have to start and stop with both feet on the ground and my butt on the seat or I risk tipping over. Over the years, I've thought how it would be great to be able to easily lower and raise my seat while moving. Somehow, I stumbled upon dropper seat posts. OMG, they already make those things! It's not motorized as I envisioned, but works great for me because I can use my good leg to properly position the seat for riding. The catch, at least for me because I'm kinda short (5'6") is finding an ebike with a low enough seat post tube to accommodate the dropper mechanism and still allow my feet to both reach the ground in the fully down position. I found E-motion Street is in my price range and works for me - I own two and added droppers to both.