Dropper seatpost on 2016 Allmtn sduro rc

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I'm having a hard time figuring out which model dropper seat post I have.
The manual for the seat post is really sparse. Doesn't mention what model dropper seat post I have.

Just listed as TranzX Pinocchio.

I tried googling it and can't find any more info than the sparse manual I have.
I think this is the right manual for my seat post:
(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)

From looking at an online pdf brochure, I think the stock dropper post is a: JD - YSP01
Found that from this online pdf:
(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)

I weigh 160 lbs. The dropper post is difficult to collapse down. Feels almost as if I don't weight enough to get the dropper post down, when I'm seated. It does go down when I push the remote release trigger, but almost reluctantly.

I can't figure out how to adjust this high amount of rebound, I think is the right term? Feels like there is too much rebound or pressure in the seat post, and it wants to stay extended.

When I'm standing next to bike and want to collapse down the seat, I can't even push down the seat when I press the remote trigger. I have to lean all my weight on the seat to get it to go down. Just pushing it down with my arm strength isn't enough. Seems really odd.

Anyone know how to adjust this high pressure?

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I ended up replacing the stock dropper seat post with a 125mm Rockshox hydraulic dropper post. Works well.

The stock dropper post is just 100mm.