Dropper seatpost on Sduro Trekking


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IMG_0617.jpeg IMG_0619.jpeg IMG_0620.jpeg IMG_0622.jpeg IMG_0624.jpeg I have installed a cable operated Dropper post on my 2016 Sduro Trekking SL.
Routing the cable was done by running the cable down inside the down tube from the existing downtube cable entry point then underneath the Yamaha motor and up inside the seat tube which I feel is a very clean and neat installation.
Dropper is a KS Lev Integra which is available with a stroke of 100mm, 125mm or 150mm. Mine is 100mm as its suits my purpose but my 52cm Haibike frame I believe would accept any of these models.
Operation by the lever mounted adjacent to my Yamaha control is very easy and convenient.
The lower position allows me to mount and dismount the bike easier and the upper position gives me a good pedalling height and it can be raised to anywhere along its stroke.


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Unfortunately no. We had planned to yesterday but a rain storm changed our minds. Mountain weather can sometimes be cantankerous as well you know.
Hopefully today :)

Ravi Kempaiah

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Dropper posts are like the viagra for seatposts! [that's what she said... ;)]
A very useful add-on! and looks great.
Enjoy the ride @piper109


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Well I have now ridden with the dropper. It will take just a little getting used to. It definitely makes getting on and off the bike easier which is a particular need for me.
Now when stopping, I can get my feet down with significantly more confidence, just by pushing the lever on the approach.

I found riding off with it down to be a bit tricky so I just raise it up about halfway before starting. With practice I can overcome that but for now.....
My comment would be for anyone thinking about getting one, especially if like me, you are not a youngster anymore....go for it!! You wont regret it. I'm glad I spent the money LOL.