Dual arm kickstand without center bracket


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Hi everyone I previously had just the regular townie 7d Electra and it had a convenient center bracket for putting on all the popular dual arm kickstands.

The problem I have now is I have the Electra go 7D e bike and it doesn't have a center bracket. Instead there is a round tube where the center bracket normally is and there is no way to attach a kickstand to that spot and all the dual arm kickstands seem to only be center Mount. I need help figuring out a way to mount some kind of dual arm kickstand to my new bike because I have to load it up with gear for doing delivery work all the time and that is a lot better to do when the bike doesn't have to lean over all the time by using just a normal kickstand on one side.


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Okay so just to make sure I understand the situation.

You have two bikes?

Both Townie Electra, one is ebike, and one is normal bike?

The non-ebike had a hole for kickstand. (which is compatible for dual arm kick stand)
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but new one doesn't?
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