Dual Battery on Frey HT1000


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I currently have a Corratec X-Vert 650B HT which has a Bosch CX performance motor (75Nm) and a 500Whr Powertube battery.
However range is restricted to around 50km (ie 1km per 10Whr).

I am thinking about getting a Frey HT1000.
Considerably higher torque, but still a short range even with the 48v/21a/1008Whr battery.
What range are you guys getting out of the standard Frey HY1000 setup ?
Looks like its around 50km.

Has anyone fitted a dual battery setup to the Frey HT1000.
According to Ivy and Cecilia at Frey, this is not possible.

Maybe someone has fitted a small 500Whr pack ??

It would be interesting to get some feedback/suggestions/comments from current owners.