Dual Leg Kickstand on Aventon Level Size L?


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I have looked at some of the dual leg kickstands online, and want to know if any of you have experience with dual leg kickstands and which models. I plan to use this as a commuter/grocery getter/kid hauler, and I think the ability to balance the bike would be helpful

I often strike my heel on the side mount kickstand that came with the bike. Hopefully any center-mount would avoid this.


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"Max. Load 80 Kg, Recommended For Ebikes, Postman’S Bikes, Etc."

Also Ursus is very popular brand

Key West Rick

I had a double kickstand on a cruiser bike several years ago and it worked great. When it retracted both legs folded to the non drive side of the rear wheel. I think it was a German or Dutch made unit but I forgot the name. I’ve also been looking for one for my Pace 500. I think tire clearances might be a concern, but not sure. I wanted to use it to steady the e bike and also to raise the rear tire off the ground for servicing and cleaning the chain and cassette. If you place a wooden 2 x 6 under the legs if will raise the rear enough to spin the wheel If I find one that works I’ll post the info here.