Ducati unveils three more interesting folding electric bikes


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Nice to see an established brand with a long history of design and engineering expertise continue to grow the EV market. 😉

The newest electric vehicles to join the Ducati family come in the form of a trio of folding e-bikes, each with their own unique designs. The move comes just one week after Ducati made headlines by unveiling a new urban-oriented electric trekking bicycle. The Ducati Scrambler urban trekking bike was designed to tackle both urban riding and light trail duty, and the same could likely be said for some of Ducati’s new designs. The three new models also cover a range of riding possibilities from urban commuting to off-road shenanigans.

The Ducati SCR-E folding e-bike
First up, Ducati introduced a new folding fat-tire bike that leverages the company’s Scrambler brand.
It features a suspension fork and large 20″x4″ fat tires, offering the ability to hit trails and sand, in addition to plain old urban riding.

Ducati SCR-E Sport full-suspension folding e-bike
For those looking to get a bit more intense with their riding, the Ducati SCR-E Sport adds rear suspension to the front suspension of the Ducati SCR-E.
It also swaps on road-oriented tires and replaces the spoked wheels with casted units. The larger 470 Wh battery is apparently sufficient for 80 km (50 miles) of range.

Ducati Urban-E electric folding bike
Lastly, the nicest looking bike in the lineup comes in the form of an urban folding e-bike aptly named the Ducati Urban-E. The slick-looking design arrives courtesy of Ducati’s Centro Stile Ducati design branch.
The difference in attention to detail is obvious in the bike’s integrated split headlight, rear fender design, and the narrow sweeping frame tubes.