E-bike brand A2B acquires electric rental firm


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This sounds like an interesting development...
A2B has acquired the Electric Bicycle Network to establish a 'cost-effective, sustainable form of transportation throughout the UK'.

The Electric Bicycle Network currently provides over 5,000 e-bike rentals a year for visitors to some of the largest national parks in the UK, including the Lake District, The Peak District, the Chilterns and the Cairngorms

More details at Bike Biz feature story.



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Interesting, good catch Andrew! I recently discovered that Pedego owns the URL ElectricBikeTours.com and works closely with their independent dealers to promote tours and rentals. It looks like A2B may be moving into the services tours/rentals space as well.

Fernando Kuefer, General Manager of A2B said: “A2B is very excited to be a part of the Electric Bicycle Network. Our aim is to establish relationships with more UK leisure and tourism organisations so that even more people can discover the benefits of e-bikes and enjoy our fantastic local landscapes in an easy, fun and environmentally sound way.”

Acquiring the UK’s Electric Bicycle Network reinforces A2B’s commitments to raise awareness of the benefits of electric bicycles globally, and it continues to work alongside a number of e-bike charitable foundations, including Cycology in South Africa and Italy.