E-bike Controls Survey


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Hello E-bike enthusiasts! I am a Dutch 4th year Industrial Product Design student and for my bachelors graduation project I need your help!

I am interested in learning more about the users of E-bikes and what they think of the current E-bike controls, at the moment I am doing a graduation project about redesigning the controls for the E-bike with the goal of making an ergonomic, minimalistic and especially intuitive design where only the essential control elements of an e-bike are included.

Therefore I have made a small survey, this will only take you about 5 minutes. Thank you in advance!

submitted. We'll be in Amsterdam and Haarlem the end of May. Where do you live? Are there restrictions on higher powered ebikes? Can ebikes use bike lanes?
I think I saw that motor scooters in bike lanes are now illegal


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Thanks! I live in the east of the Netherlands. Regular e-bikes that go up to 25 km/h can still use bike lanes, but higher powered e-bikes that go faster than that (speed pedelecs) cant go on the bike lanes.


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Submitted, Keeping the user interface and controls simple and less distracting is a great goal. Integration with a smart phone for fitness tracking, navigation, etc is a great idea COBI is heading the right direction. I have read that the COBI phone mount is not as robust and solid as it should be. Smart phone charging through micro-usb would be essential. The Bosch Intuvia port does not keep a phone charged.