e bike cost thread

How much should quality e bikes cost?

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the simple logic is how much does a good bike cost? add some upgraded or heavy duty parts , to go with motor and battery? that is how much an ebike costs to me, sounds like 1500-2000 based on a good bike costing 500. that includes a generous amount for more than decent service after the sale


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Fair market comparison of Haibike Enduro29 (just as an example):


https://www.e-bikeshop.co.uk/haibike-electric-bikes/Haibike-xDuro-Hardnine-RC-2015 2699 British Pounds = 4110.10 usd

EU (France)

http://www.vélo-tout-terrain.fr/vtt-electrique/4617-haibike-xduro-hardnine-rx-29-2015.html 3349 EU = 3646 usd


http://www.ebikesofne.com 3950 usd

Using Optimaxes equation a comparably equipped bike w/o a motor would be about $2k here retail. A Bosch system is about $2k also but hard to tell because you can't buy them as aftermarket but the popular Bion X is in that price range.

There are cheaper bikes and cheaper motor/battery systems of course but it helps to see how the equation works at both ends of the scale. Now this type of bike is another matter altogether: http://www.vélo-tout-terrain.fr/vtt-electrique/4624-haibike-xduro-fullcarbon-pro-275-2015.html as the cost of the Bosch system remains the same but the value of the bike it is on seems to go ballistic!


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An example:

This kit - $860
http://em3ev.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&path=45&product_id=175 (maybe add $200 if you could get a Yamaha or other higher end motor)

This bike - $960

(These products are just comparable examples)

Plus a couple hundred to put it together, or for the value of your labor if you DIY.

The kit and the bike are already at retail, so add it all up and the manufacturers should be able to produce a good quality e-mtb in the $2,000+ retail range.

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As a sidebar to this discussion; When you dabble in higher quality hopefully you get the associated high end parts such as a decent suspension fork (where applicable). Ever price one separately? Good wheels sets don't come cheap either, drivetrain, hydraulic brakes, stiff frame, stainless steel fasteners, large batteries, decent motors all add up. So quality should (if I may use that term) be in proportion to application. Someone that rides 8,000 miles a year will have very different requirements and priorities than someone that rides 400.

I started with a 2014 Dash for $2,600, put 4k on it in 6 months and sold it to get a $4,300 demo ($4,600 retail) Haibike FS RS, which will also have 4k on it in a month. The fork on the Dash turned to mush (and started to rust) in 2 months and other parts were oxidizing fast. The fork on the Haibike is still very responsive and looks new just like the rest of the bike. The brakes on the Dash required adjustment every 120 miles or so (4 - 5 days for me) while the brakes on the haibike required ZERO adjustment for the entire life of the pads (about 2,200 miles), not to mention they work a hell of a lot better than mech brakes.

I guess my point is know yourself, know how into this you are going to be based on past cycling experience and try to buy what is appropriate for your application and or conditions. -S