e-bike Dealer in/near Baltimore?

I'd like to try out some different types of bikes. I'm tempted to order an Evelo Omni Wheel but really want to experience some different options before I commit to anything. A place that rents both hub- and mid-drive bikes would be awesome.

It looks like there may be some options in the Virginia suburbs of DC or in Philadelphia but I'm not seeing much in the way of e-bike dealers in the Baltimore area.

Any recommendations are appreciated.


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Found out yesterday Freshbikes is no longer a dealer , they had been good to me.Big Wheel no longer a deal,over a year now and I won't go there do free air if I had a flat! Green Commuter in Tacoma Park, bought my first Stromer there, don't want any air from them either. Got my current 2 Platinums from there, there were pretty good but the sshop is closed. Love PHEW, used to there but it was too far too often w/our original Sports but would go ther in instant if they were closer.

Only had 1 electric failure since having the 2 new bike for over a year, regular bike shop could fix the rest of my issues although had a few brake problems ,Stromer helped a couple times instead the brake company

If Philly is doable for you I would go there

I ended up talking to Alan, the owner of Hybrid Pedals in Arlington. Apparently his shop burned down recently, but he has a good relationship with Big Wheel so I met him there this afternoon and rode a few bikes. There is a pretty good selection on hand here, and his new shop will be opening in a couple of weeks. I'm going to go back when the weather is a little nicer and take a Pedego City Commuter and an E Motion Carbon out for longer rides. I really like the look of the Carbon, but I think I may need to own up to my age and physical condition and go for a more comfortable bike.