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I am just under 5 feet tall and live in Santa Cruz. Looking for an e bike that I can reach the ground with my toes at least and that is stable with a comfortable ride. I need a bike that I can choose whether or not to pedal much, and that will handle some hilly terrain. I would like to be able to choose a color ( not required but would be nice) and be able to accessorize with fenders, light and basket it not standard. Price under 3 k is preferred. Any thoughts?


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The electric bodaboda https://yubabikes.com/cargobikestore/electric-boda-boda fits people down to 57" tall. I have very short legs, 28" inseam, and mine left fits me fine. Be sure to specify drop frame, the other one is for taller people.
There are some non cargo bikes out there for short people; I think juiced goes down to 17" frame, which is the distance handlebar stem to seat post. Look at stepover height spec in court's reviews. I think premium trek has a selection of frame sizes, too.
If you don't like turquoise or white, the 2 colors bodaboda is sold in this year, painting a new bike is not much of a problem. I touch mine up where I've dinged it frequently with krylon spray which comes with built in primer now. Put plastic bags over parts you don't want painted, or cover with masking tape. Tie bags on with vegetable (kale) ties.
You'll find bike shops will not stock frames for short people. You have to pay up front and you're stuck with it if it comes in and you don't like it. Still, having a bike shop cover the warrenty for you is important, as electric bikes occasionally come with electrical bugs that are difficult to diagnose. Santa Cruz is in the center of the e-bike world, and LA & SF are the heartland. I have a selection of one brand here in flyover country, or I could drive 165 miles to Chicago, if I had a car.
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Congrats on your search for an ebike. They’re so darn fun to ride and I believe you will agree when you get one. You’re come to a great forum as there’s many contributors here.

I can very much relate to your situation. Even though I’m around 5’5” I’m proportionately short legged and have trouble finding a small enough frame. Added to that, the bikes nowadays have huge wheels making the bikes higher and higher off the ground.

Given your unique situation I strongly suggest you test ride before you buy!! That said, that means to think twice, even three times, before purchasing online. Many of the contributors on this forum have had fabulous luck purchasing on line but many have not.

What comes to mind is an Electra Townie Go. I’ve only ridden one once but was able to touch the ground at a stop. Electra is owned by Trek so they are usually available wherever Trek is available. Here’s the site:

I have two ebikes and my second ebike is a Trek. At the time of purchase this Spring, Trek also made extra small frames, which is rare. Not sure what they have now.

Good luck in search. 🚴🏼‍♀️
Looking forward to a photo of your new ebike!
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If you live in santa cruz better buy a mid-drive one for hills. I think Tern Vektron or Ariel M-Class will serve your needs. I know their frame geometry is good for riders on shorter side.