E bike hauler help.

Usmc hunter

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Hello to my E bike friends I just received my E cells bike I am having a very hard time finding a one bike hauler can you please help me any suggestions on what companies I should look up I already looked at Thule and van kam truly says it's for the bikes but to me they look very cheesy the one I would've purchased from van Kam is sold out any help would be great.


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I have the Saris EX-2 (https://www.saris.com/product/superclamp-ex-2), which i only carry my 1 ebike. Its cute that they think manuvering a bike around the post is an option... so I just use the outside one. Adds a little length but works for me. They also have a specific 1 bike model - The MTR 1 (https://www.saris.com/product/mtr1) I don't have any experience with it but Saris makes great racks and backs them with great customer service.