E-bike security (Engwe EP-2)


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hi all
i have a problem with my bike engwe ep 2 500w: when i try to change settings they are not stored!
any solutions?


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It's also good practice to choose a suitable area when locking a bike up - a side alley off a street is generally quiet and a thief could be unseen. A large bike rack area outside a railway station for example is also not great since there are multiple racks for thief to work behind. There are some youtube videos though where the owner deliberately carries a large set of chain cutters and in broad daylight just walks up to his secured bike, cuts the (cheap) wire rope, and rides off - no-one notices.

Location is priority, then buy the best system for your needs/budget - no lock system is infallible, but if a thief is delayed and risks being seen/challenged then they'll find another bike to steal.


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A big motorcycle bag over the ebike with. a big sticker
"BIOHAZARD- Covid-19 infested " . Preferably a bag that also smells really bad of cat pee.

No grinder would ever cut through that👌 !!


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I'd worry that a thief could crawl up under a bike bag and have concealment for cutting, grinding, etc. away from the prying eyes of the general public.