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Vic Russell

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I am about to embark on a couple of hundred miles trip with our two e-bikes carried on a new tow bar mounted carrier. Is it wise to remove the two batteries to reduce the weight? I am a little worried about the electrics being exposed. Do people usually remove the batteries? The weather is looking a bit worrisome!


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I have a Thule T2Pro XT mounted in a 2" receiver and I remove the batteries as the rack rated bike weight is 60 lbs and the bikes weigh about 65 lbs with batteries installed and 56 lbs without the battery. I have not faced bad weather but agree with your concern. I would probably pick up an inexpensive bike cover that allowed attachment to the bike (has grommets) to ensure it stayed in place. You can find these on Amazon for about $20.


Yep, I have the same rack and also remove the batteries. I don't have a cover yet so I pack a couple of trash bags and a roll of duct tape, just in case.


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By all means, remove the batteries before transport. In addition to reducing the weight on the rack, it will also give your back a bit of a break when lifting the bike.

Some bikes are more weather resistant than others. It's best to check with the manufacturer for recommendations.

I've been transporting my 3 e-bikes on an exposed rack for over a year now. The only thing I protect are the handlebars. I use a pair of these heavy canvas fruit picker sleeves over the bar ends to keep rain, bugs & dirt out of the display and control cables.


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Vic Russell

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Thanks guys. Weather forecast looking better now so maybe not so much of a worry. I will take the batteries out.
Trash bags and a roll of duct tape will be part of my kit just in case.


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Also if you will stop in different places it make sense to remove display. my old e-bikes display was stolen


I asked the same question to Jason at Ride Scoozy when I bought my bike. I have a motorcycle rack that only weighs 34 pounds and has a carrying capacity of 400 pounds so the extra weight is not an issue. It is perfect for the fat tires. Jason said I should leave the battery on the bike in the locked position when transporting it. I do not cover or remove anything and I have hauled the bike over 3000 miles since March.

I have a smallish SUV and was surprised at how much protection it affords the bike from weather and bugs. I went through a massive infestation of love bugs last month. When I arrived at my destination, the wind shield and front bumper were covered with bugs, but not one squashed bug on the bike.


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Have traveled well over 10K miles hauling 2 ebikes on multiple coast to coast trips. Driving a Toyota Sienna van I equipped with a Thule Easy Fold rack several years ago. The rack has been supreme--no issues at all (although I bought extra straps just in case). I have driven through all sorts of weather; heat, rain, snow, summer, fall and winter. I remove the batteries and the computers (reduces weight on the rack, reduces vibration on the batteries and computers, and avoids any concerns with rain). I tried a bike cover but it blocks the tail lights and license plate so don't use it. I added reflectorized tape to my bike spokes which really helps make the bikes more visible at night. Although the rack does lock the bikes we use heavy cables and locks as extra security. However, at night we always bring the bikes into our hotel room. Some hotels have storage rooms and sometimes offer that for overnight storage. The bikes actually stay relatively clean as they are protected from a lot of road grit by being hidden by the van. One time we did have ice build up on the outside of the wheels where they are more exposed at the sides of the van. Getting ready to go on a 2 month, 7500 mile road trip and we'll be bringing the bikes!


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I have a plastic cap that fits over the electrical outlet on my bike to protect it when I remove the battery. It was something in the shop, perhaps a plug end from an old wheelchair. Anyway I think it is better for the bike to have that part covered when transporting without the battery in place.