"E-Bikes for Everyone" (Rated G) lol

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Great article....I've noticed a lot more families coming into the shop this season, buying them for everyone including their kids, this year.

"Barely any innovation has caused such a lasting change to the world of the bicycle as the electric motor. The e-bike is racing from one sales record to the next, hardly any producer now gets by without an electric version in the range, and the pedelec, once mocked as a “senior citizen’s bike” is now enthralling every age group. But really every age group? We’ve taken a look around in the booming segment of e-MTBs for children.

From nought to one hundred in five years
E-bikes for children make up a relatively new segment, and it all started with kids’ e-MTBs. As sporting equipment for juniors, the benefits of the electric motor were immediately apparent: a chance to introduce children to sport while still young, without overexposing them to the strains of steep slopes and long climbs. The fact that a motor makes some things actually possible at all may well have motivated some parents with sporting ambitions and a passion for mountain bikes to make that extra investment rather than opt for a non-motorised MTB. Yet the e-bike for kids has been a matter of dispute from the outset. “When we were one of the first to launch a children’s e-MTB in 2015, the reactions were very mixed. In the end, however, success has proved us right”, recalls Matthias Grick from KTM Bike Industries and emphasises that full-range providers view their own selection of e-bikes for children and teenagers as complementing the non-motorised models. "

Fun stuff to see.


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I don't understand e-bikes for children over age 10. I was full of springs in those days, never got tired, never got too sweaty even in 100 dg Houston heat. The main limitation to my range was inability to carry anything. No tire tools, no tubes, no rain gear, no map, no water bottle. The only cargo option I saw was huge heavy wooden and canvas bags made for carrying 200 newspapers. Backpacks for school hadn't been invented yet. My parents bought me beautiful leather saddlebags for a horse age 11, but the cardboard back ripped off the mount first trip to the library. I never saw a Wald steel basket for the rear until age 23, when Monkey Wards had one. I bought it, still have & use it.The brand was of course not obvious, had I wanted to buy another one. Yeah, internet. Even then bike shops were exclusively full of products for enormous leggy racers, which I wasn't.
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Cool. Why this is such a hard sell when parents spring for those stupid electric powered ride on toy cars that eat batteries for breakfast every Christmas, I don't know.