E-Biking with a Brain Injury


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Hello! I am new to the ebike world. I have just received my new ebike and have ridden it twice. (Magnum Metro Plus)
I suffered a concussion a few years ago and am trying to build a new life within my new reality. Fyi I am 59 years old.
Unable to drive a car, I am hoping to reclaim some independence (going shopping, touring, visiting friends) and rely less on my kind wife, my feet, and the bus system for transport.
I am finding balancing on the bike rough but manageable. But shifting, watching the road, managing power levels, all at the same time is tough. And starting and stopping are quite difficult. Basically anything close to multitasking is very tough. It will be necessary to practice. Good thing it is fun and I am motivated!
Anyway - if there are any other people riding with a brain injury - it would be nice to hear from you about your experiences.
Best wishes. Ron


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Welcome Ron. Even without the injury it can take some time after decades off a bike. With practice I predict it will become second nature for you. Slow and steady wins the race.


Thomas Jaszewski

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There's always a eTricycle. I have one in my, not too distant future. Recently I saw a Pedego trike, and it was really nicely built! A trike can have a quite large battery, even a LiFePo4 set of cells that have almost double the service life! They're heavy for most two wheels. No brain injury here, but I recovered from a mild stroke and was able to ride again.


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I know all brain injuries are different, but would consider a trike, good GPS, and a throttle. i'd also find friends to ride with until you get used to the routines.