E-Glide's next bike - 500w Commuter


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Just got back from visiting the E-Glide store where I met Dave. I test rode the SS plus, which was nimble and fun, but he was very up front: it wasn't going to work with my 20-mile hilly commute.

He then showed me their new model that just came in yesterday:


  • Shimano 10-speed
  • 500w Bafang rear hub
  • 13 Ah 48v Panasonic battery
  • Tektro hydraulic brakes
  • Internal wiring
  • Lights, fenders & rack
  • Cadence sensor only
  • 51 pounds
  • Seat and tires tbd
  • Target MSRP $1599
  • Hoping to bring to market in 12 weeks

He's intending it as an urban commuter (ignore the knobby tires in the photos). We had a fun conversation about ebikes and review sites. He had kind things to say about Court, too. Dave is a dedicated guy who seems honest and good-hearted. I would definitely buy from E-Glide in the future.



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It seems like the quality of ebikes in this price range just keeps going up and up. That equipment list is much better than the Magnum Ui5 I bought a year ago after carefully researching what was available at the time.


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I'm totally getting one!! It's called the e-glide s/t (sport/trail) I called today and made my deposit to reserve one in the first batch. It was a super great experience talking first with a very nice and knowledgeable staff member, maybe Michael? And again just a bit later with the owner/founder to finalize it. I have done a ton or research and am more than confident in this decision. Court reviewed this bike and has other vids in the shop with the owner that really helped me. Court you are seriously good at this! And I think e-glide has hit this one out of the park!! This bike will improve my quality of life. The price is $1699 not $1599 which was posted above. 1) A $500 deposit 2) $175 for shipping 3) I went with a slicker set of tires they suggested for streets. $75 for two, not bad. Plus I get the nubby mountain tires in the box too! So really it's 4tires for $75!!! So the 500 deposit got up to $750 pretty quickly. This was all stated very clearly on their beautiful interactive website! But it's all going toward the overall cost of the bike so I had to pay it sometime right? Leaving me with a balance due of $1199. No sales tax... excellent!!! So shipping, tire upgrade and base cost brought my grand total to $1949. But just so much fun to do homework and learn what's out there, find one I am so excited about, and then to have such a great experience working with them on the phone!!