E- Gloves ?


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Info appreciated on HEATED gloves for cold weather riding.

Anyone make rechargeable battery powered handwarmer gloves suitable for about ninety minutes of use?.

Haven't found info in glove discussions.

Any Heating elements consume significant current so not sure of realistic options.


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I have no experience with heated gloves, but when I'm looking for something like this my first stop is usually Amazon. Whether you want to buy from them or not, it's a good place to window shop.



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Amazon Japan has it.
(make sure to select English at top)



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They have them on Amazon starting around $20 (USB rechargeable) but they are thicker, more like snow gloves.

I usually wear 2 pair, a thin thermal one for running and a full fingered cycling one over it.


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I have a pair of these. Last about 2 hours on highest temperature. Wore them for a couple of hours at around 0F and they were good. I also have their socks that I wear in not particularly warm but ideal for cycling DuBarry Gore-Tex sailing boots. Superbly comfortable winter combination with great spiked flat pedal interface.

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I just ordered Milwaukee M12 heated gloves thru Home Depot. I'll post a mini-review when I get some miles on them. Not cheap ($170ish) but I really hate cold hands that much.