E-Joe electric kick scooter on kickstarter launched


I think it's pretty neat, and if I had a use for a scooter I'd consider it. I see no issue with them branching out.

Ryan Bryant

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Well, one of my friends has ordered a scooter like this from "Betterscooter" store.
(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)

Ann M.

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Yes, there seems to be a resurgence of electric scooters with hub motors and lithium packs; however, some manufacturers are finding problems with those battery units durability and performance. It doesn't seem that there's any recent info on the e-Joe scooter (Momas E-scooter), with late March 2016 shipping listed on the Kickstarter site and info only available to participants in the project. Don't see anything more recent about selling more than the 115 or so that pledged.

Not surprising, this unit is similar to others available in China with a few tweaks for e-Joe. I suspect they were exploring the market.
For a bit of a perspective, check out Turbo Bob's review of the prototype.