e-Joe Epik SE with LED display??


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I've been doing a lot of research on folding e-bikes recently and have concluded the one I really like the the e-Joe Epik SE. I watched a few reviews of this bike on YouTube and really like what I see. My only wish was that the bike would have an LED display showing battery life, total distance, current speed..etc.

Does anyone know if there is such bike currently out in the USA market? My budget is around $1500-$1600. I've been Googling but so far have not yet found one.

Please let me know.



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That Amazon bike does not list nominal motor power. It lists peak output of 240w, which probably equates to about a 150w motor.
There's a lot of non-standard stuff on Amazon, beware.
hi teenmonk look about this new e bike i think it's better than e joe bike and you' ll save many money infact the price is 1250 euro included shipping in all europe and is full optional with rear and front light led and fenders and comes also with bag with wheels for transport
it has 3 year warranty on frame 2 years on battery and one year on other electric parts.
visit the site andrewspacedesign.it or facebook page Andrewspacedesign
thanks Andrew


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I love my E-Joe. Nick at Long Island ebikes gave me a great deal and I picked the bike up from the manufacturer locally. The thing is 'bulletproof! Think about customer service. . . Sure you might be able to save a couple bucks on Amazon, but two things to do before you buy: test drive, and customer service. EJoe is fantastic. I put a trailor hitch on mine and do everything on it. Also Motive is another company that has impeccable customer service. Camron will return your request within minutes anytime of the day or night. I emailed him once at 3am and got a response in 10 minutes.


Oh in terms of the LED on the eJoe, get a Garmin or use a phone app. My Garmin is on my ejoe and it gives me everything I need.