e-joe Koda?

Mike Smith

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First thanks to all the community members as this is a great resource site for info on e- bikes. Does anyone have any experience or info on the new 2015 e-joe Koda? Looks like a nice package for the price but there is little info online, maybe because it is so new. If I buy one I will post a review and a YouTube video. Looking at buying either this or the Motive Shadow, but so far like the features, look, and set up of the Koda better. I'm 50 and just looking for a bike for mostly some exercise on flat paved trails and at 250 lbs need something that will haul my big butt around.


there is also one short video on youtube


Chandlee EBS

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Hey @Mike Smith,

Yeah, I liked the Koda, though I only tried the 350w. They're still experimenting with some different controllers, but hopefully will be out early April.