e-Joe KODA


I just got my Anggun last week and while going through all the settings, I came across the max speed setting. I wasn't sure if it was just a pre-programmed setting that wasn't activated on the Anggun. Now I know! I was going to try it at some point. Off the streets of course. ;)


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On the first page of this thread, @ElectricIzzy or something said he owns it, and has been riding it for 2+ weeks and if anyone needed questions answered just ask. I think it's going to be a great bike. Personally, I just ordered the BBosHD for 1200 and some change. total cost of my DIY bafang HD fat bike is going to be sub 2000$ Good luck and we'll have to go riding sometime.


While not the Koda, I changed the top speed setting on my e-Joe Anggun from 32 to 40kph and it did not seem to make a difference. It still maxed out around 20mph, so I'm not sure if that setting is ultimately controlling the top speed. Again, I don't know if it is different with the Koda.


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Hi again folks!

I have now put over 300 miles on the Koda and I'd like to chime on ref the top speed conversation. If you cycle through the settings on the screen, there is one option to set the 'max' speed. People seem to think this means that the bike's motor will actually propel you faster than 20mph; it is not the case. The bike's motor will only bring you up to 20mph, and less if you are going uphill, against wind, or are a heavier person or simply carrying a heavy load. Going over 20mph is a legal issue and no company will want to wade into that legal grey area unless they are selling bikes in the $5k range (see Stromer). From my personal experience, I believe the 'max speed' setting on the Koda has more to do with setting up speeds within the different pedal assist modes. So for example, if pedal assist level one is 25% of motor output, level 2 is 50%, level 3 is 75% and level 4 is 90-100% so the max speed settings will establish the 100% level, and each pedal assist more will then fall into place. Strangely enough, the max speed setting is listed in KPH not MPH and the highest is 40kph which is almost 25mph but I don't really see it happening.

Please feel free to shoot over any additional questions.