E-Joe vs Enzo


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Hi everyone! I'm new to E-bikes and have narrowed my purchase to these 2 bikes. 2016 E-Joe vs the Enzo. Both very similar except the E-Joe has a bigger battery, front shocks and cheaper. I got a chance to ride this bike and while I liked it the brakes were mediocre and didn't like the fact that there was no LCD display

The Enzo I have not got a chance to test it as there are no bike stores near me. The bike has an LCD screen and other cool features. The downside is it's a small battery 8.7 vs the ejoes 12. The bike lacks shocks but has hydrolic brakes and I believe might be built a little better. Does anyone have any opinions on which bike to get? The Enzo is a little more than the e-joe


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Hey Guys! In the same boat. Planning to buy a foldable compact bike for daily commute total 10 mi.
Unable to decide between the 2016 E-Joe Epik SE, ENZO or Volt.

Looking for a bike which would be light (as I live on the 2nd floor and will be taking it down and then up the stairs everyday), comfortable to ride, requiring least maintenance and quality materials used.
Thank you for any suggestions or advice on this!

Ann M.

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I agree with pxpaulx, there are many more dealers of the e-Joe brand of bikes so support is going to be better and the frame build on the e-Joe looks better. One other suggestion are the Mariner folding bikes from Prodeco Tech. There are 3 or 4 models to choose from that all use 36V Samsung cell batteries. I'd skip the single speed version; the 500watt version is a real powerhouse on hills. Also, like the e-Joe bikes there's a big network of dealers along with direct support from Prodeco Tech.