e-RAD/Lectric Cycles at Interbike 2016

Ann M.

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Always innovating, the first with shift sensing, e-RAD/Lectric Cycles is once again ahead of the game for 2017 with a custom designed integrated torque sensor for their Bafang mid drive kits. The benefit is a much smoother ride experience with a more efficient power use. The sensitivity can be adjusted from the console to create a riding experience tailored to each rider.

For the DIY'r or someone looking to revitalize a dusty but good bike, these e-RAD kits pack a punch. Even their smallest 350 watt mid drive motor generates an incredible 90 N/m of power while the top of the line 1000 watt system produces hill killing 160 N/m of power. No struggling, just flying!

e-RAD Torque sensor.jpg

Lectric Cycles also introduced its new SmartMotion line of electric bikes at Interbike this year, all with 48 volt lithium ion batteries. There's choices of different amp hour batteries for better range and an optional Body Float seat post to dampen rough roads. Notice the integrated frame battery, rear rack with bungee cord and a 500 lumen head light and tail light powered by the lithium pack; these bikes are packed with all the goodies making them a bargain, priced between $2700 to $3100. (BTW that's Chris Head on the left side of the pic)

SmartMotion Ebikes.jpg

George S.

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I can't find a reference to a torque sensor on their website. It would be nice to know how it works, whether it can be fitted to existing BBS 02/HD units. Be interesting to know if Bafang is engineering it, or whether it is a third party system. Where/how it mounts would be good information.

I think it is interesting that LC is now offering the low to mid-range Yamaha Haibikes.

There's an interesting comp if you take a $1500 off the shelf mountain bike, add a Bafang motor, and see how that compares to a $2700 Haibike. If you can get a good Torque Sensor on the Baffo build, it's bringing it closer. With a really good and programmable Bafang/TS mid-drive, and the huge selection of standard mountain bikes out there (battery mounting can be tough, though) I wonder if they will even need to make any more Haibikes? (Sarcasm).

Haibike has so many models. It's unlikely many dealers will carry 50 odd models, on the floor. Haibike can't maintain dealers in very many markets anyway. An easily maintained TS/PA moves DIY to the next level.

Ann M.

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@George, this is an early 2017 product that is on its way but not in production just yet; that's part of the idea of Interbike- to show new, not yet released items. Don't think the torque sensor can be retrofitted since it connects with the controller inside; however, I will contact Chris at e-RAD to verify. I agree that the torque sensor pops this Bafang motor up a notch. Not sure about the Haibikes they sell, think that was something that the Lectric Cycles side of the business dallied in for a while; again a great question for Chris.