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I have been researching and going back and forth on all kinds of bikes for 6 months. This website was so informative. Thank you Court, George S., Ravi Kempaiah, and Crazy Lenny for answering my posts and for everyone else’s help. I finally decided and made the purchase!

I really was reluctant about buying online but I decided to go with E-RAD. I wanted a bike not listed on their web site so I called and talked and I got Chris Head, after talking with him he recommended I change some of my options for the better. I ordered the bike and literally put a link to the bike I wanted in the notes. The bike shows up exactly as I wanted. The way these guys put the bike together you would think it’s a production e-bike.

I had some problems with the battery and they wanted me to troubleshoot which took a couple of calls because I was calling from work and they needed me in front of the bike. Every time I called even if I got a new guy they knew about my problem; in other words they shared the info about my problem amongst themselves.

The way they handled the problem was AWESOME! I mean hooked up AWESOME! The best businesses with the best intentions have problems and issues at times. It’s how you handle those issues that makes you good reputable company.

The bike is great and these guys are solid! Highly recommend!
I have pictures of the bike in the box, etc if anybody is interested.

P.S. It looks like they are using the Lekkie chain ring w/o Lekkie written on it!

The Doker44


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I'd love to hear what bike they built for you. Did you ordered it and have it mailed to Chris? Or did they order it themselves and mail it to you completed? What was the turn around time?
Got any pics?

Jack Tyler

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@Link Removed I'm guessing you missed Atticus questions since he didn't address his post directly to you. I'd be interested in the same info he's requesting, so please share what you can. Thanks!


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Sorry Gents works killing me,

I called and got Chris and told him what I was looking for, he said put my requests in the comments of the order. I ordered online with them, I literally put in the web link to the bike I wanted in the comments. I also put in the comments the options I wanted, like throttle request etc. About two weeks later I got an email the bike had arrived at Lectric Cycles, they ordered it. I got a call from Matt that some of my options were not good choices and agreed to his suggestions, I understand now and glad I listened to him.

The bike arrived just as I wanted and this were I had a bit of bad luck. Apparently they has some batteries that didnt fit the charger. When I called he already knew about the issue and told me they had sent another battery out already, I thought sure, no way your sending another battery out until you get this one. That night..knock...knock..the new battery was there. This battery was mis-labeled and didnt provide enough volts for my 750W motor. They asked if I could get a meter on the second battery for volts, I hung up found a meter and it read something below 48V full charged, I cant remember what, I think 42.6. When I called I got Matt again before I could get 2 words out he said they are sending me another battery and reading was too low.

Like I said things go wrong how a business handles it is the important part. The new battery shows up, at this point I am holding 3 of their batteries and 2 chargers. For my trouble they sent me an upgraded battery a +200 dollar upgrade and all the boxes and hazard stickers and info to send the 2 batteries and charger back.

Bike is awesome, 750W on this bike is crazy power. I have ridden 20 miles and havent seen the battery drop a bar yet. I only need 4 gears which I like it keeps it simple, no reason to go below 4th. On pedal assist 3 it easily hit 25 or 26 fast enough for me. I havent even opened it up top end on pedal assist 5 , 8th gear. They dont seem to advertise it but I could swear the bike has a lekkie or lekkie knock off chainring. Hated not buying local but they didnt have I wanted and no doubt these guys would honer the warranty and work on the bike outside the warranty for a reasonable price from what I have experienced.


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Greg H.

Nice Bike Doker 44!!!!

Chris set me up with a nice bike in a similar experience as well. I ordered a couple of days ago. It's getting built locally by a world renown bike dealer. Can't tell you how nice it is to have people like Chris and Court give their time and great direction to a new-to-e-bike person like me! Their work is all-encompassing. I've gotta thank all the people that post here as well. I spent quite a bit of time researching - but I doubt as much time as Doker 44! Oh and forget about work!
I am a much more knowledgeable person for the info you all have shared. Thanks!


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I will add, there are many here that will say the gear sensor isn't worth the price, I couldn't agree less. I will be riding along the the bike path and see a dirt 15ft hill that is not part of the path and decide to go up it for kicks and giggles at the last minute, I am already late shifting, If I had to hit the break and use it as a clutch it would stink.