E- road bike for longer weekend rides


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Now I have to find a suitable hill, so I can take on the challenge (I’m not much of an athlete, but I have a competitive nature). I do know it’d require Turbo for me to get up that kind of grade, even with the Bosch motor, but that may be a personal problem. 😊
You can do it, especially in Turbo. The main thing is to keep your cadence at 70+ if you can.


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I have the Specialized Turbo Creo and absolutely love it. I don’t use the motor that much, only on steep hills when my heart rate gets too high (I have AFib). It feels like riding regular road bike.


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Not sure what size you need but here is a great deal on a small size Topstone Neo Carbon 2 that would meet your specs

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I can see replacing my Giant Defy carbon road bike with a light e-road bike in the next year or two. I'm hoping that Trek eventually puts their new motor into one of their light carbon ebike frames.


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Your post is totally inappropriate. There is a classified forum where this belong. You should not be hocking your junky ebikes directly to our members like this. Your posting here is most unwelcome.


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You slander others because of a conflict of interest with you. You haven't bought my electric bike, how do you know that mine is a rubbish product, and I still think yours is a rubbish electric bike. Don't slander your peers without evidence because of your interests. Your behavior as a villain will only make people look down on it.
your a peer? you came in here t spam and try to sell some unknown bike shipped on a slow boat from china with no support and no history we know of.

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Having been a Creo owner for the past two years, I can honestly say these are great bikes to ride and can be quite versatile depending your riding style and to some extent, the local road conditions. I can’t recall having ever tackled any climbs higher than 15% grade but have ridden mine with limited or no PAS on some pretty challenging outings with significant overall alt gain and the Creo time and time again has proven itself to be extremely capable. The Exp edition that I ride is shod with 37c gravel tires and for good reason as some of the routes we choose are unpaved with many side shoulders in rough condition. One thing I have noticed is how Futureshock makes for a more comfortable ride experience in comparison to my carbon analog ride.

As I mentioned before, the Creo, in most situations, is wonderful to ride without assistance but I found to no surprise that when riding without PAS, the added weight of the motor and battery did limit my ability to ride faster and further afield. For me, the Creo will continue to be put into service on more challenging rides where elevation gain, distance and less than ideal road conditions become more of a factor. I will say that the added punch felt in turbo does make for addictive fun when taking on climbs that would normally punish the average analog rider.

Although I can’t comment on the Topstone, I’m certain @Alaskan 's testimonials with regards to that bike will serve as a reminder that Cannondale makes some superb bikes. I do ride a non-powered Super 6 Evo and I can say without a doubt that it is one well designed, fast and efficient machine.