E-trike Bike Rack?

Keith Johnston

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I just ordered a recumbent eTrike from Utah Trikes (Sun Electrotad) and will be selling my brand new Trek Verve3+ that I adore. MS balance problems forced me to swallow my pride if I want to stay outside pedaling....(lousy tho!).

Anyway, any thoughts on somewhat affordable hitch-mounted racks (1.25") for transporting this beast when I receive it in a month? I've never had a recumbent nor trike, so new territory. I just sold my Thule T2 hitch rack, which worked great for my Verve and other bikes. This etrike does not fold.

Thanks for your insights and thoughts!

Keith Johnston


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maybe one of these might work?



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Keith, the folks at Utah Trikes will probably be able to give you excellent advice in this regard.
Also, Google is your friend. Not trying to be a smarty pants but you can click on THIS Link.

Here's one retailer Trike Racks that I just found, and here's a one trike option from there.
Here's another retailer from Stevens Point Wisconsin (no idea if that's close to you or not) and their options.

I don't really know the benefits of one design over another, but it appears that there are lots of options.
Seems like you can spend oodles of $$$ on a rack!