E3 Dash Beach Ride


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Finally back on the Island and just took a 10 mile ride along the beach on hard pack sand at low tide. I realize the Dash is not ideal for this purpose, but it is what I have and where I live so I thought I would give it a try. Here are a few observations:
1. Soft sand is your enemy. Walked the bike through the soft sand to the nearby hardpack sand near the ocean. The twist throttle was helpful as it gave the 50lb bike a little help as the tire sunk into the sand for the few hundred feet to the hardback sand.
2. The bike was awesome. I rode five miles down and back averaging 13mph. No issues at all as long as I stayed away from the soft sand and of course, I kept my distance from anything wet....avoiding the salt as much as possible.
3. The battery drain was very noticeable. I presume it is the combination of the weight of the bike, the not so lightweight rider...me, and the surface creating resistance. I worried about the tires as I heard the soft shells crunching from time to time but wasn't an issue. Battery dropped from 4 bars to 2 bars using stage 2 assist.
4. Once home, I hosed the bike off and washed with soft auto wheel brush to get the salt residue off that most assuredly was on the bike. I would appreciate any comments on what lubricant I should now apply and where.
5. All said and done, narrow wheels and all, an Electric bike on the beach is fantastic. Probably makes sense to get a cruiser type bike if I do it often, but thought I would share it with you guys. I put a 2" riser on the handle bars which has helped my riding position a lot. Still a great bike.
6. I would be curious if any of you have suggestions for a an Electric Fat Bike. Frame can't be too big as I am vertically challenged at 5'7 and don't like step through, but would be cool to have a powered beach bike. with 4" wheels:)