E3 Metro--did I get (another) lemon?


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Hi everyone,

I have a 2014 E3 Metro that I (mostly) love, but I have encountered some puzzles. First, the odometer never goes above 19.X mph, no matter how much I'm peddling, even in full throttle. Does the odometer only measure the "value added" from the motor? I *feel* like I'm going really fast...

Second, the manual says that in the fourth tier of pedal-assist, the assistance should be at 100% of the motor output. Yet even in that tier, if I turn the throttle I get a (significant) boost.

Finally, I had another E3 Metro that I bought from an irreputable dealer. In PAS, pedal assist would work for 2-3 miles, then not work for 2-3 miles, then work... It had other problems, too. I exchanged it and bought another bike from another dealer... but now on this one, the pedal-assist sometimes doesn't seem to kick in. Am I just unlucky? Or is this a common problem with the Metro?

Thanks so much for any feedback!

Shea N Encinitas

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Sounds like you got double trouble, take it back - maybe trade in for a Dash and add your own racks etc. Personally two lemons would have me looking elsewhere like when I tested the Specialized Turbo's. BTW Odometer is the total mileage, Speedometer would indicate current speed. Good luck, not sure if there are any other owners here. -S


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Hi Milliqat, I have a 2015 E3 Metro ( 5 months old and over 2000 miles) and I may have a lemon also, but for entirely different reasons! I have had some trouble with the PAS and POD , but my issues are resolved but unseating and reseating the computer monitor on the handlebar. We have horrible city streets and even tho I try to be careful on bumpy roads, it is sometimes hard to avoid sudden jarring. I think what happens is the contact monitor on the handlebar loses connectivity. This happens about once a month and is a 30 second fix. My REAL problem and hence why I mention LEMON, is that for no apparent rhyme or reason, the battery will just not charge. I try on the bike and then off the bike- but the charge light goes from RED ( power on) to GREEN ( fully charged) , totally bypassing the YELLOW/ORANGE light that signifies active charging. I know for a fact the battery is down 2 or 3 bars, yet the charger does not sense this. My dealer has worked with Currie and so far no one can figure out why. I have tried new batteries, chargers, electric lines, but still no resolution. My dealer is GREAT! He is giving me a new E3Metro this week and we will see if the charging issues disappear. The only difference in the 2012-2014 models to my 2015 model is that mine has a 48 V battery. I hope your new bike works better as the E3Metro is a fantastic bike. Also, it pays to buy from a local bike shop that you trust, because then you have real help when there are issues. It would be a real pain to have to ship the bike back to Currie for some of these issues. Pls let me know how you make out. Diane


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Picked up my NEW Metro E3 yesterday- will be carefully watching the battery and charger and have fingers crossed that will have no problems with this bike. My dealer was fantastic ( Ajo Bike in Tucson, AZ) and Currie has been very supportive.