Early season snow/cold supposedly has no forecasting connection

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At least thats what the pro's in the weather world are saying. No bearing on rest of winter ? Ha !

And ebikers are simply wishing for a nice (not too cold, not too snowy) winter season in the respective parts of the country where such things happen this time of year.

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I saw predictions of a mild December, counting on that. I have a real fear of ticks, and stay off the single trails until we've had a hard freeze. 2 winters ago it was a great winter trail riding year, last year was too wet. Hoping for some good trail riding in December if this month keeps up like this!


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They will probably be driving ATV's out onto the ice to fish by this weekend in the north half of the state.


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I saw predictions of a mild December. Woke up last Saturday morning 11/09 and it was 16°F (-9°C). I guess they could still be right about December. Snow in the forecast for tomorrow🥶


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Toronto forecast is -14C overnight after a great summery autumn. The fall leaves were like fire this year and in 2 days all brown.
Extra caution is advisable where there are lots of new drivers on the road that have no experience with snow.


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Some years we get a cold blast early, then an autumn like January & February. Last year was like that. The cold blast went to Europe. Didn't miss a single week riding bike to the grocery 3 miles away.
Some years January is so bad the Ohio freezes over. Hasn't happened since 84 ? In 95 we got 14" snow over an inch of freezing rain in Jan. The whole town froze to a halt. My step daughter got caught at her sister's with no heat. Had to drive over there & pick her up. Passed a lot of KY state snow trucks stalled on the freeway. Got to drain your fuel filters, guys. Had a V8 Ford Fairlane, would blow through that much snow if I shoveled 10 feet clear to get a start. Too much work for me now, though.
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I don't remember last January/February that way (a few hundred miles north west of you). I remember record cold and record wind chills (-30's temp -50's wind chills). That said, there was a year within the past 10 or 15 years (don't remember the exact year) where I went hiking on a local park trail in mid January in a short sleeve shirt with mid 70's for temperature. It was an odd phenomenon though and only lasted a day. If that happens this year I will definitely top off my ebike tires and battery and be ready to take advantage. The trails are actually gated off here in winter, but if we get a day like that, I will go around the barriers.


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Denver had 107 straight hrs of below freezing temps and 12.5" of snow to end October. Mtns ahead of avg snowfall also, early opening for ski resorts. Still getting 50-60 degree days tho, so still riding.


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Chicago broke some low cold temps for Nov 11 and 12. We were colder than the capital of Siberia one of those two days. The temps here were more typical of Jan/Feb. But the weatherman says it will still be a 'mild' winter from December on.
Sure hope so. I still got leaves to rake and tulips/daffodil bulbs to set out. I could have done that last Sunday, but chose to go ride my ebikes. Gonna plant those bulbs with a drill this weekend or next week. Zoom. Zoom.


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My brother in law lives in Traverse City Mi, (North West Lower Mi.) and sent this photo taken near Empire Mi, located about 20 mile west. Taken 11/12/19. They just bought a winter home in the Florida panhandle this fall. Thinking he was wishing he was there already....


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I've not heard much long range forecasting for my neck of the woods. We are a difficult area to predict that far out. I think they were wrong for summer so maybe gave up? I live in the PNW by the way. I think I heard cool and dry for a while, but I do not complain about 40 degree weather. We've had many 50 degree days when we probably should not have. I was happy to hit the Sunny Okanogan yesterday after having driven in low clouds and fog most of the day. I changed to sunglasses about 15 miles from home.

It Is the dreary inversions that I hate in the winter. The good thing is that one can usually get out of the clouds if one goes up to the nearest mountain pass. Then it is time to get those sunglasses out, and slap on the skis.
Glad to be in NJ , we had flurries and in 40's today . I guess it could be better i could be in Florida!
I am so anxious my bike is coming tomorrow cold or not i am riding after assembled and charged!
I do not picture myself driving in snow even though i ordered a fat tire bike. ( for the sand)