East Coast eBike Review Road Trip!


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Hey guys, it's a little early (as I've still got reviews from my West Coast trip to complete) but eventually I'll be doing an East Coast road trip and am looking for ideas on where to visit (shops, manufacturers, sights?) that I can report on for EBR. So far I'm thinking about Outrider, Copenhagen Wheel and a couple others, where else should I go?!

  • Volton (in Chicago)
  • WanderBikes (in Chicago, shop)
  • Copenhagen Wheel
  • FlyKly (on Kickstarter)
  • Outrider (North Carolina)
  • Riide (New York)
  • Stromer (Boston)
  • Vanmoof (New York)
  • Rubbee (UK)
After the East Coast I may go to Europe:
  • Lampociclo (in Italy)

George S.

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Hi Court,

I'm interested in any system that works with a regular bike. I think these guys are in Oregon:

They note that you use the existing gears, the derailleur drive train. I hope the Cope works, after the long delay. The Lit Motors C1 is not a bike, but it's electric and super interesting.

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Perhaps you can visit some of the shops that contribute to or are mentioned often in the forums here. Long Island E-Bikes and Len's E-bikes come to mind