Easy motion battery warranty?


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At the end of the day it’s up to the individual. Like anything if parts are available to fix something you’re good to go. In the case of BH Easy Motion this is not the case. Their last batch of bikes have batteries that are going on 3 + years in age now. In my opinion selling and servicing thousands of electric bikes through the 10 years in this industry is that there are much better options out there.


Regarding replacement or extra batteries and specialty parts, Voltaire Cycles (formerly Electric Spokes) of Verona, NJ seem to have a substantial inventory of EasyMotion items. It's expen

They are not that far from me, I'll take a ride over.
As for parts being expensive?
That could be a dangerous game, selling their stock at high prices because people need it? At some point there will not be enough BH bikes left to repair' cost/benefit speaking, people won't buy parts, and they will be stuck with worthless inventory
BTW- if they have inventory how does that work now that BH is out of NA market? The parts they have, will they be available to warranty consumer claims?
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