Easy Motion Display Panel Instructions Manual Video Overview


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Hi guys! I decided to shoot an instructions video that explains how to use the Easy Motion electric bike display panel system. I've also attached the official written instructions below in case you prefer to read and get the full story on all of the little details (see pages 4-7 which are labeled 23-26 in the pdf). This same display panel is used on the Easy Motion Neo, Evo and Nitro line of ebikes.

You can get other Easy Motion manuals and stuff on their website here including the one I've attached. The most interesting things I've found with their display is the ability to take it off easily, the fact that it comes in a couple of different colors (to match the bike) and is backlit and can control LED lights as well as a walk mode.



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Thank you for an excellent overview of the LCD panel.
Those features were not obvious to me, and not in any the documentation I received with the bike.
It took me months to accidentally discover the backlit display, and I end up needing to ride in the dark to often.

Two things I wish Easy Motion would add:
1) Time of day. This is the only display I've had on a bike which didn't also have a built in clock. I didn't realize how much I miss the time display until I didn't have one.
2) Larger print size. Every year it gets harder for me to read displays. Larger print would help. Sometimes I think the display seems to show a larger size, but then it reverts to the small display.

Thanks again for all the great reviews and info.



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Ha, walk mode. It's going to be even harder to convince people we're not just a bunch of lazy fat ass's when they find out about that LOL.


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How do you change from km to miles? While it says it's calculating moles, the distance is actually km as I know how far I'm going. Same with mph. Odd. The wheel size is correct.