Easy Motion EasyGo Race Review

Ann M.

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Snappy look with the red rims and motor matching black spokes for a clean appearance but lacks a water bottle cage mount and full rack mounting bosses. The wiring harness runs through the 20" frame adds to the clean look and the geometry feels a little more aggressive. Court really seems to lament the power drop off after 15-16mph. I thought the pouch for carrying the removable console was a nice feature to keep it cleaner while off the bike.

http://electricbikereview.com/easy-mo... The Easy Motion EasyGo Race is a light weight, relatively affordable single speed city ebike with a modest 250 watt motor and 208 amp hour battery pack. Available in one frame size with a taller high-step-design, efficient narrow tires and deep dish rims are fast but the bike rides stiff (firm saddle, no suspension elements). Excellent LCD display (backlit, removable) offering four levels of torque sensing pedal assist, both the display and battery pack are removable. The battery does not lock to the frame and has to be taken off for charging, no bottle cage or rack bosses, power drops off dramatically above ~16 mph, excellent two year warranty.


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Great value at $1299, nice looking as well and 35 pounds total weight, wow. I would like to have one of those small batteries as a backup for longer rides on my Evo 29'er. When removed, it's difficult to tell there's even a battery mount on the bike. I hope there's an option for that one day.

For anyone considering this bike, but concerned about a harsh ride since a suspension seat post is not an option, could consider a sprung saddle from Brooks:

Brooks sprung saddle.JPG