Easy motion Xenion Bosch City Wave - will not stay on

Thomas Krapp

New Member
We have the above listed bike and there is an intermittent problem with the following symptoms.

1. Turning bike on, the display will turn on but no MPH is displayed on the screen. Moving and or riding the bike (without any assist) does not help and the display will turn off after a time.
2. The display will show a shift to "Eco" but immediately returns to off when the button is released.
3. The light will not turn on.
4. The display shuts off after a period of time.
5. When the above is occurring, the dealer reports that connecting to the diagnostic program is not possible as the computer states that the bike is not connected. When the bike is functioning normally, diagnostics show no fault codes.

We have had the bike back to the shop 7 times since June of 17 and each time the dealer calls and tells us the bike is fixed , and a ride or two later, suddenly the same problem! The dealer finally installed a new display mount and we used the bike for a 30 mile ride- fine. 6 days later same issue. Also, battery is charged, removing and reinstalling battery does not help.
I thought that Bosch would have some ideas of possible causes, but in calling them they indicated that the service department only works with dealers.
From my own experience, if there are no ways to test the peripherals (speed sensor,etc.), the only solution is to replace one at a time and the final solution would be replace the power drive unit. The bike is still under warranty as only over a year old. The dealer seems to have given up.