Easy trip simulator for electric bikes

George S.

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Haven't had a chance to properly try it out out but it looks like it might be handy. The simulator can be found here.


Thanks! Interesting site, if you dig around a little bit. One of the guys is trying to design a better controller. People don't think about that very much.


Google Maps has decent bike route options, and they will show you elevation gains and losses if you route a bike trip (as opposed to a car trip).

"He is working on the development of a new controller to achieve higher performance at lower cost than existing controllers. Desired features are sensorless flux oriented control, sensorless motor temperature estimation, sensorless human power estimation, smart assistance management and accurate battery state of charge. Ultimately this controller will communicate to Ebike Maps the real battery state of charge, capacity and internal resistance."


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Just tried the simulator, but if I input zero level pedaling, which would be using the throttle only, instead of calculating the motor assist level (20mph max), it assumes my mph is all of 4 km/hr. and it will take 7+ hrs to reach a destination that is 30km. The next level is pedaling without sweating (72 watts).

The specs I put in for an ebike were 350w geared hub motor / 36 voltage battery with 12aH, and 20mph top assisted speed (which converted is 32 km/hr).