Easy way to tell if controller built into hub motor?


I'd like to thank everyone who posted here, this was really educational for me. I liked what AHicks wrote about geared motors, and that RunForTheHills liked Grin for their customer support. I emailed them a few times and watched several of their YT videos & decided to get their Shengyi DGWX2 (Grin calls this the SX2) geared motor, it has a thermal sensor that Grin's controller monitors, and power to the motor is reduced based on excessive motor temperature. This will give me good hill climbing ability and help prevent me from cooking the motor. Can't wait for the kit to arrive. Thanks for all of the great information you guys.
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The Grin Baserunner controller allowed me to set the max speeds (Throttle & PAS separately) and the Power Assist max power and increment size in Watts, Using 100W increments and leaving it at the lowest setting - so far it clocked 24.6 miles and still has 51.7V in the 48V battery! It's perfect for my needs, I couldn't be happier with the bike. I got it on CL with a burned up motor, replaced the electronics with $671 in Grin parts, stoked!


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