Ebco UCL10 controller / battery interface wiring


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United Kingdom
Hi All,

Newbie here, I have had an e-bike for a while - a Whoosh foldable which has been great. Recently I found an Ebco UCL10 on Gumtree as a kind of fixeruppa going quite cheap. I am not seeing any sign off life on the handlebars and so I am trying to trace through the supply to see what's failed. The battery seems to have charged up OK and shows 41.8v when I test it, although proof will be when I put a load on it.

Anyhow, taking various bits apart it looks as though Bodget & Scarper have been in before me. Can anyone tell me how the socket shown should be wired? When I got to it, the left and right larger pins (Top and bottom in this orientation) had a thick red and black cable attached - direct from the battery. However the two smaller pins in between had nothing at all connected. I suspect these should have been connected to the battery too??

I am guessing there should be a moulded plug to match the socket below and that there would be two +ves and two -ves

Any pointers greatly appreciated