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I was planning to converse my 26" wheels regular bicycle to an ebike. I bought
LCD+Disc+ Front 36V 800W Electric Bicycle Hub Motor Brushless Conversion Kit 26" and
36v 20ah LiFePO4 Battery 5A Charger BMS E Bike Rechargeable Powerful USE 800W
But now I read the bicycle laws in my city, and see the wattage from the package I bought is not acceptable. The highest wattage for ebike law in my city is 500 w or less. So now I am worrying. I don't want to get ticket if I every get stopped by the police.

I'm a very careful driver with car and rider with bicycle. I always drive in the speed limit; and with the ebike, I never rode pass 32 km/h (20 miles/h). I always prepare time to drive and ride. I don't want to get into trouble and lose money for the fines. What can I do now? I cannot return those back to the seller on ebay, unless the items are not as described. And it costs money for the return too.

Is it alright if I buy a battery with the right voltage and wattage (24 or 36 v and whatever ah to make to 500 w is the highest for the limit) and connect with the motor indicated above? I don't know if the lower wattage battery is suitable for the higher wattage motor? Are all ebike lithium batteries connectable with the cord of any ebike motor?

Any suggestions/advice are highly appreciated. Thank you very much.
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it seems that the problem is the 800W motor ,not the battery. may be you can limit the wattage on the motor by the controller, or get a new motor in 36V 500W.


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I agree that it is the motor that's the problem, not the battery.

If you can't return the kit, could you just resell it yourself on ebay? No guarantee you'll get back what you paid though.

Good luck in figuring out the right thing to do.


If there is no markings on the hub and your responsible and use common sense, there will be no problems,if it makes you feel better buy a 500w sticker and apply to your motor.


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You can hardly trust the watt ratings on a lot of ebike gear sold on ebay. Mostly hype. Really, 36 volt systems aren't often putting out 800 watts continuous. That costs money. Have you put the kit together yet? What's your top speed?

What does the label on your controller state for current? Does it state rated current or maximum current?