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My husband (51yo, 170lbs, 6' tall) and I (41yo, 140lbs, 5' 10" tall) are relocating from the states to Bequia, which is a 7 square mile island in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines with a max elevation of about 880 feet. The roads are very hilly, and sometimes steep (although given the small size of the island not particularly high. We will live on the NE side of the island in a headland area that is about a 10-15 drive by car to the port town where services are located. We are just beginning the process of learning about eBikes, and hope to find a suitable solution that will allow us to avoid car ownership. Here are the criteria we have identified for our search so far:
  • Comfortable riding on hills and bumpy roads--we want even my 75 year old mother in law who is fit but not especially athletic or to be comfortable riding. I think the best way to describe the conditions would be Rugged Road Biking...fairly smooth, flat paved roads in town but hilly and more rugged near our home.
  • Bike/components will stand up well to salt air and sandy conditions. The constant trade winds mean everything gets coated in sea salt spray--there is just no avoiding it, and the non-potable water available for washing vehicles is even a bit salty. Everything that can rust will rust.
  • Tires that can hold up well on bumpy paved roads, gravel roads and for short distances on dirt roads/hardpacked sand.
  • Cost under $2500 USD per bike if possible.
  • Comes with or can add rack for small item storage (like enough for a bag of groceries or a beach bag).
We are able to ship the bikes to our second home in the states (Louisiana) and then send the bikes via freight to SVG on our own.

I will read through the forums looking for advice on our criteria, but thought I would post the specifics of our situation in hopes someone with experience in these kinds of conditions might have recommendations for us.

Thank you in advance!

Chris Nolte

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I would check out the Kalkhoff Agattu B7. It has the virtually indestructible Bosch motor and a very comfortable upright position great for any rider, including your 75 y/o mother in law.

(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)

I think it's very important to have a very reliable motor system since it might be difficult to get support locally. In our experience the Bosch system is the most reliable.

The only thing is there aren't too many Bosch powered bikes at this pricepoint, but the Kalkhoff seems to tick all the marks. Feel free to reach out if we can assist further.


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The Electra Townie Go step-thru might work. http://www.electrabike.com/bikes/townie-go/townie-go-8i?g=stepthru. The Aluminum frame won't rust but the steel chain will though so you might like to buy a bike cover for when you're not using it, balloon tires will ride on hard packed sand or gravel roads, low seat plus reclined feet forward pedal position means you can put both feet on the ground when you stop, reliable Bosch motor, rear rack to carry stuff. Court's review is here.

Or consider the Pedego Latch which has an aluminum frame, a rust proof Gates carbon belt drive instead of a steel chain, and folds so you can stow it away. Court gives his review here.
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