Ebike Kit Suggestions for a Cruzbike?


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I have had FWD Cruzbikes in my stable since 2007. The Quest Cruzbike is a great design with an elliptical chainring, 3 speed SRAM dual drive hub, coupled with a 9 speed cassette. All of that in a FWD recumbent design.


The non-drive rear wheel could be a fabulous E-drive conversion. The axle spacing in the rear is 100mm. Basically it's a front wheel hub set-up on the back wheel.


I would need a front wheel hub motor kit that could accommodate a disc brake. Where out there can I buy a quality front wheel e-motor kit?

Rakesh Dhawan

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Hello Guys,

You can look into the front wheel setups we offer from Falco like this 500 watt system called the Hx 500 or the Hx 750 system which is sold here. Court has reviewed both here. The above setups can work in 100mm spacing with a disc brake and they are quite powerful.



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I think the 500 watt direct drive and 350 watt geared motors from E-BikeKit could also be an option. I haven't explored them in detail with regard to disc brake compatibility and they would only offer throttle mode but cost less than something like BionX which might also work.

I'd love to hear what you end up choosing and see some pictures of the final product @bikerjohn, looks like a neat project and a very unique recumbent type bicycle :)