eBike sales and use in the USA


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Due to classification, I did not realize it was that difficult to count Ebikes. Apparently electric bikes are still ~1% of total bicycle sales in the United States and it is difficult to determine the growth rate.

One estimate here from from eCycleElectric is that between 136,000 and 174,000 ebikes were sold in 2013, compared to 15 million regular human powered bicycle sold.


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This is interesting... Thanks for sharing and also posting this infographic on why people choose to ride electric bikes. I did some digging at the Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium (OTREC) website and found this other poster that covers why people buy ebikes, what motivates them, how they use electric bikes, the differences between men and women as well as people of different ages. Pretty interesting and well done :)


Here's a direct link to this poster in .pdf form if you'd like to zoom in more and here's some info on who participated in the survey. I was surprised to see just how much ebike kits had grown up until 2012 and then dropped off in 2013 (or maybe this survey was done mid-way through 2013?) very interesting stats... Over 90% said they used their electric bikes on a weekly or daily basis.