EBike Shaming


The only thing that gets yelled at me is "Cool bike!" "Nice bike" etc. Haven't run into any snobs here, yet.
Me too. My Bianchi E Aria really stands out and most people don't realize it's an ebike at first. Had one guy ask me about the big rear hub. Is that an old fashioned power meter he asked? I just replied I guess you could call it that.

Frankly, when most people find out how old I am they are pleased for me to still be riding.
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...sadly, I was bike shamed.
Get used to it. Ride the way you do where you want, smile, carry all the conveniences and toys you want, stop and start without any concern about physics, and arrive where ever you are going fresh and invigorated. I get that attitude from many, if not most avid riders, and I Don't Care. I have ridden up hills and passes and gotten to the top to coast down just to ride back up again. Touring on an ebike changes all the rules and people don't like change when they think they are good as something.

You do you sweetheart.


I had to go to the butcher Sunday. Loaded the panniers on the Levo, threw in some ice packs and 45 minutes later was home with the shopping. Guess I could have taken longer and shouted cheater at every car but, then again in the words of Doc Holliday: “My hypocrisy only goes so far”.
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A Scout is

Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent.
I don’t think being reverent is one of the requirements for a scout anymore. Remember, several years ago they removed the requirement that scouts have to believe in God, a.k.a. the big guy in the clouds
When I first bought my ebike, one of my coworkers kind of laughed about it, and didn't really understand why i would need it. After seeing me commute to work almost every day this spring and summer, he kind of changed his mind, and I think I completely changed his mind when about a month ago he asked me about my commute. I told him that I use the motor on the way to work, but have gradually built up enough strength to ride without the motor on the way home and get a good workout. Well, guess what? A couple of weeks ago he bought an ebike and got the ebike grin!


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I am sorry for your encounter and I get angry hearing this. For me I am too short tempered and have zero patience for this. I am one of the most polite and most respectful individual you will ever meet. At my age I am sick and tired of these so called Lance Armstrong wannabe bullies who look 8 months pregnant from the beer drinking squeezing into their spandex riding along the trails. For them to make those statements makes them feel tough. I bet you they have many creature comforts in their lives and If this situation was to come my way I will not bat an eye stopping my bike and engaging them and put them back in line. Here in my area the heat and humidity is unbearable. Many times I have witnessed bikers on the side of the paths laying down from heat exhaustion. I always stop and check to make sure they are ok because my ebike gives me the ability to exercise for a long distance without blowing up my heart, and my doc agrees with my program. Having an Ebike doesn't mean you are not getting a workout, Just a smarter workout. So you go do what you want to do and DO NOT let anyone at all control your happiness or goals.


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I posted this before but our ebike group stopped for a photo on the heritage trail (sleeping bear dunes MI). We asked a roadie to take our picture as their group was also stopped at the same spot. We were all smiling standing next to our bikes waiting for the photo to be taken and one of the roadies yelled out "don't get those ebikes in the picture!" to the guy taking the photo. Talk about a debbie downer.


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I pedaled many thousand miles in my younger years on conventional bikes. Now in my 70's, I'm beginning to slow down moistly due to joint issues. I don't see how I'm cheating by riding an ebike. If anything, I'm cheating death by not becoming a couch potato.


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Cheating? I'm not in a race.

What did cyclists who were all riding single speed bikes say to the first riders who showed up with multiple gear systems? Cheater.

People who toss off such stupid, spiteful and unsolicited comments are not even worthy of notice or response.
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