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I see a few on the road and bike paths now & then, but 95% of my riding is on MTB trails since late 2015 when my IGG original Sondors arrived. I got my first "real" eMTB in early 2016, which is when I started riding in the popular 3k acre trail system in my literal backyard a few times a week year round no pavement riding necessary :)).

When I saw great deals I bought more so friends whose wives wouldn't let them get their own could join me at eMTB pace - the exception being my ex-enduro racer friend who could keep up on his push bike (he actually smoked me on flat but severely technical terrain - I'm a non-athletic, purely recreational rider).

In 2017 I saw another ebike (that wasn't riding with me) for the first time on trails - turned out to be a downhill racer who said she used her Levo to train on "recovery" rides. Until late 2019, however, I didn't see another ebike on trails not riding with me already - the regional MTB ass'n (NEMBA) had a staunch anti-ebike campaign going since 2013. That ebike rider turned out to be a 72 year old retiree who's been MTBing since the 1980s - he had a Haibike Sduro FatSix and has since become a riding buddy.

PS: I recently learned from an Internat'l MTB Ass'n co-founder that the 20+ year Exec Dir of NEMBA was recently ousted, and rumor has it that it had a LOT to do with his over-the-top anti-eMTB rhetoric. As it happens, much of the membership is AARP-eligible, and want to keep riding their beloved MTB trails into their retirement!
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As for locals, there are about a dozen of us that have e-bikes. About half of them are RadRovers and the other half is an, ahem, eclectic mix. Although I see more Treks (local bike shop is selling them).

When the tourists (tourons?) are here I see a lot of them. Again many many RadRovers.

Pedegos are rented and sold nearby. Rads are rented somewhat further away.