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What are the tiers of ebikes price wise. Low end, mid range, top end. What is the price range for each of these tiers? Can you recommend a hub and mid drive bike for a commuter. Thank You.


Perhaps look at the categories of bike reviews to start?
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All I got...
Good luck, get one, they are fun and useful...


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There is definitely at least 4 general ranges. Things Like OptiBike RC15, Vintage Electric Bikles, etc..,, are in the top range I'd say >$10K US

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Under $1000 - lots of reliability and quality risks, and usually non name brand battery, and even non name brand brakes or other important components. Usually only buy on line.

Under $1500 - usually fair quality hub drives and sometimes some name brand ebikes. Components ok for recreational riding. Maybe not so much for commuting or more avid cyclists. Would not expect a suspension fork on these models but if there is, it's quality and the other components won't be as good, since a good quality name brand suspension is well over $250 retail

Under $2000- this is where you will see better derailluers, smoother shifting, more likely hydraulic brakes, better than average size battery (I.e. if 48 volt, then usually at least 13 ah capacity), integrated front and rear lights, name brand Samsung or Panasonic cells, likely a suspension fork if you are seeking an ebike with it, better quality tires, fenders and rear rack. Occasionally torque sensing feature on hub drive models.

$2000 - $3500 this is where you start to see mid drive offerings, as mid drives cost more to manufacturer as do the frames that need to be redesigned to handle them. You will also start to see batteries that are more integrated or concealed better in the frame, maybe color displays, more frame colors from more brands and the choices increase dramatically for frame geometries and even some cool software options, like blue tooth, allowing for more detailed apps or gps location benefits.

Above $4000 - now the sky is the limit on price and really high end features and start seeing carbon frames. Its the wild west and too hard to categorize but opens the door to even more vendors to choose from (or be confused by)


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Rad's are in the $1500 range, from my experience they are pretty nice ebikes for what you get. Paying more then that for an ebike would have been dollars wasted for me and my use, plus you do get good service from them, this should be one of the main determining factors in a purchase. It looks like the tiers that were posted by others are pretty much the way I also see it, just don't over pay for an ebike and then not ride it as it's intended use was manufactured for. As I always say, "dollars not well spent".


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At just over US $4,000. I'm looking at a 2020 TREK Superfly 5 hardtail mountain bike for hunting and packing meat out in front and rear panniers. Trek with the BOSCH motor and battery looks to be very durable and trouble free which is what I need in the backcountry.

Hey, "Buy once cry once" i.e. buy quality the 1st time and cry at the price then cry no more.

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The tiers are closing in. Just purchased the M2S XC Sport R500 Commuter with 27.5 rims.
Fast, smooth city slicker. Many quality pieces make this a winner.
Added a few extras like 702 grips, adjustable stem, pitlocks.
Like to add another battery say 11-14 amp, where to place it and by whom