Ebike Unicorn Wanted!!!


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I am 70 years old and recently had to give up my dirt bikes due to Marriage (and too many injuries). I bagan looking for a Mountain Ebike to have some "Tame fun." Due to my past spinal injuries, I need a full suspension Mountain mid-drive Ebike. I also need it to be a class 2 so if my knee gives out and I cannot use peddle assist, I would have a throttle to get me home. I am also concerned about keeping the weight down for lifting it onto my car's bike rack, so I prefer the narrow wheels and tires. I have looked everywhere on line and you would think I was asking a Unicorn to fart jelly beans wrapped in hundred dollar bills. Is there no such Mountain bike out there in the real world??? Does anyone out there know of someone who could build this bike for me??? Please let me know if you know of such a bike or anyone who builds custom ebikes,, Thanks, oicu281@yahoo.com


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There are several mid drive full suspension mountain bikes with throttle.

I believe these ones come with throttle.

WattWagons Hydra

Eunorau Specter S

Sondors Rockstar

Luna X1

Biktrix Juggernaut Ultra FS

Bolton Raptor Ultra

Frey EX


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None of the above is lightweight.
I don't think there's anything "lightweight" when OP asked for:

- Full Suspension MTB
- With throttle
- Mid Drive


I think the most lightweight option would be to find a lightweight full suspension MTB and install a BBSHD kit.
I don't know how much these ebikes weigh, but I have a feeling kitted ebikes are lighter than straight up ebikes.

Stefan Mikes

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Brwinów (PL)
- With throttle
That single thing makes the whole e-bike heavy for numerous reasons.
"No throttle" e-MTBs are made to be as possibly lightweight as an electric mountain bike can be. There also exist "superlightweight" FS mid-drive e-bikes (like, 38 lbs) at the cost of less powerful motor and smaller battery. So, it is a unicorn indeed.