Ebikemotion App, Mobile Phone Battery drain


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First post on forum. I couldn't find an existing thread directly on this. Thanks in advance for any advice.

I got a Ribble Endurance SLe Pro road bike at the beginning on the year, and despite terrible service from Ribble, they eventually got their act together, and I really quite like the bike. It uses the Ebikemotion X35 system.

I use an old Garmin 820 for navigation and activity tracking, but have also been using the Ebikemotion App on my mobile phone with a bar attachment in parallel. It is useful as it shows the exact % of bike battery (and additional battery when being used) remaining as well as current power setting (the 'traffic light' system on the top tube also shows this, but not in a much detail i.e only 4 levels 100-75, 75-50, 50-25, and 25-0%), amount of power being used, and current speed (easier to glance at that the small Garmin screen which is also not always on (power saving mode)). I don't use any other functions on the app, although I do 'start activity' when I go for a ride which looks like it tracks distance and speed*. I don't use the navigation function on the app. The mobile screen stays on throughout when using the app, and I haven't found a practical way of changing this.

The problem is that using the app is draining the mobile battery very quickly. A 2 hour ride yesterday (38 miles) decreased the mobile battery from 93% to 2%! I am also using bluetooth headphones via my phone. I've started to carry a small power bank for emergencies, but haven't got a suitable bag on the front of the bike to keep it plugged in during the ride yet without training cables further than I would like. My question is has anyone else had this issue, and found a way to use less mobile battery? Perhaps an obvious setting I have not thought of? Phone is a fairly old (3-4 years I think) Samsung S8 plus (which I believe has a 3500mAh capacity), and I haven't really noticed a significant general decrease in battery life compared to when it was new, despite the age of the phone.

*Typing this, I realise I have yet to try *not* using the 'start activity' function, which might be contributing to the problem.