Ebikes available in Taiwan?

Ian Jukes

New Member
Hi everyone, this is my first post.

I am moving to live in Taiwan next month and would like to buy an e-bike. It seems ironic that Taiwan manufactures so many frames and components but when I was there last month I found it very difficult to find any decent bikes.

I had a test ride on a Giant dirt e that was great but I would like to see what other choices are available to me.

There is an interesting manufacturer in Taichung called Zephyr. They make quite a wide range of bikes with varying motor options.

One of their bikes uses the continental mid drive system does anyone know anything about that?

My ideal bike would be a touring bike with the ability to carry front and rear panniers and be able to go off road too. I hope someone can offer suggestions to me.

My current bike is a Thorn Nomad which I like but it's not possible to easily modify it to go electric.